Thursday, September 11, 2008


My most productive processing time is in the bathtub. The more raisinesque my finger pads and the grayer the water (and consequently, the more I am surrounded by my own dirt), the more robust the processing.

My most favorite art pieces have originated in this processing place.

An upcoming Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) juried show has the theme "Points of View." Aha -- my former student's 160 photos of cellular structures! How micro-cum-nano a point of view is that? (I discussed a previous piece based on three of these photos in my "across disciplines" blog entry last month).

I perused the photos, searching for interesting compositions (cropped or original). Most pictures are dark dark dark. Here are the ones I have chosen, lightened up a bit digitally:

The red and black colors are wonderful, but do not print well on silk - the black looks dull.

I would like to work in a palette of copper and aquamarine, and I have secret (born in the bathtub) plans about how to carry this pallete throughout the piece to create unity.

After lots of digital experimentation, here are my interpretations of the first two pictures:

Who cares if this took hours? If I watched TV, I would have to listen to political advertisements, eeew.

The last photo is posing some problems. Past experience has taught me that though these images are true when printed on photo paper, those same images printed in silk are vastly different. The intensity fades, the colors are not as vibrant.

Here are some possible versions of the third original photo:

I have not decided on which, if any, to try.

Tune in again, after I have had a bath or two...

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Karen said...

I have always wanted to do cell structure pieces, but the interpratation can be so difficult, I hope you reveal your process when you're done. By the way aren't you in a show coming up soon in Santa Barbara? Seems I saw that somewhere!

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