Sunday, September 21, 2008

score one for the aging jockette

A diversion from things artistique :

After my delightful morning at the soccer field, I finished a piece for an upcoming show. The center is my 'nude stitches' image printed on silk charmeuse. The side borders are silk, using improvisational curved piecing.

The left border is wider than the right -- just because I wanted a little asymmetry. The image has more open space to her left as well.

The top and bottom borders are a wide-striped polyester fabric -- multiple layers and difficult to work with. A sturdy binding fabric was needed to anchor the multiple layers. I chose a cotton with a geometric design. End result:

Since the design is bold and colorful, I wanted to be 'spare' with my quilting. I highlighted her outline and her most salient body parts (shoulders, back, derriere, right breast), as well as the body-curve echoes to her left.

The rest of the stitching merely emphasizes the geometric forms of the piece. I will mount this on plexiglass.

Off to take some Advil...

1 comment:

Lora Martin said...

Way to go, Fiber-Jockette! I really like the piece you are working on. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

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