Thursday, October 16, 2008

elation, si; rejection, no

Elation number one: today's sunrise, out my front door -- Pt. Mugu and the spectacular Pacific, top; the foothills, bottom:

Next, the rejection: my piece Cellular Structures: Microworlds was rejected by the Studio Art Quilt Associates "Points of View" juror.

Sniff, sniff. Now, here come the palliatives -- the rejection has enhanced my character, this closed door brings door...but wait! The sunrise this morning, out my door, of course!

And the 'lemonade from lemons' one -- well, now I get to put the piece in my upcoming Buenaventura Art Association show. Okay, I have stopped licking my lemon-laden wounds.

But back to the elation! I successfully fired two new pieces in my kiln (read: no cracks or devitrification [cloudy stuff on the glass])! One is a bas-relief-y attempt to render my 'nude stitches' image in glass:

I had made a clear glass version of this for a piece I donated to the SAQA Auction.

I really like it in red, and will incorporate it into yet another piece based on this image, which I will print on either silk or cotton:

The second fused glass piece is based on my fave alstromeria creation:

A multicolored glass was used, again with an attempt at a bas relief representation, focusing on the tiger-like markings and the structure of the petals and leaves.

Here it is, straight out of the kiln:

The front does not "read" clearly, and since mounting these pieces in textile works prevents the use of light to illuminate the glass, I looked at the reverse side to see if that might work. Here are both sides, with a little help from the sun (top, the original image representation; bottom, reverse side representation):

I think the reverse side will work - the bas relief effect is visible sans light, as are the varied colors of the glass.

I will have to drill holes in these so the glass can be attached to fiber. There is always the risk of breakage --wish me luck!

Inspiration in the face of rejection. A "good thing," as Martha (Stewart) would say...

A mock-up of the pieces and their forbears:


Lora Martin said...

Always impressed with people who are up early enough to see the sunrise, much less have presence of mind to grab the camera!

Love the new glass, especially the alstrolomeria. One day you will have to tell me about working with glass - it seems so challenging.

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Beautiful work! Congrats on overcoming the rejection and making it into a positive!

Judy said...

Your quilt is fabulous; it is definitely their loss. My entry was also rejected . . . I also got over it quickly.

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