Sunday, November 23, 2008


I guess in this economy, nudes are 'in.' All pieces that have successfully enticed buyers at my current show have had a naked lady in them.

I needed to replace one of them, which the buyer wanted post haste. Two glass pieces were candidates. One had a copper mesh form (scoring of back, derriere and shoulders does not show well here):

The other image was scored on a sheet of copper:

I wanted to gallery wrap a 12" canvas with one of two Japanese fabrics that seemed appropriate. The first one had a beautiful blue that was a nice complement to the copper color. The geometric nature of the designs seemed to work well with the nude's minimal curves, which were themselves echoed in the floral design in the center of the cross.

Nope. That seemed contrived.

The next fabric really sang to me, as it was very 'spare' in design -- stark, minimal distractions.

I first tested mounting the mesh copper piece on a base of light copper silk shantung, intermixed with a charcoal weave:

That looked wonderful to me. Here it is on the black Japanese fabric:

At first I was in love with it. But then I took a bath, and I've written about what happens to me as I luxuriate in my own dirt -- my mind goes to faraway places and comes back with creative propositions.

I needed a copper colored fabric, and I needed to add geometric stitching to it. I found the fabric, and firmed it up with a medium weight interfacing:

I folded the fabric over a piece of batting and thus was born something to attach to the Japanese fabric:

Then I printed the nude image, in copper colors, on organza. I tried this on the fabric:


I frayed the edges of the organza to make it look softer, and tried the piece out on the background (sorry for the blue cast in these pictures!):

Then I used a variegated thread (copper, black, off white) and did my geometric stitching.

The stitching extends over the top and bottom of the piece, and the copper fabric piece is stapled to the stretcher bars in the back. Here is the new piece!

I still have to drill the holes in the fused glass and attach it with fishing line (wish me luck...).

My happy Thanksgiving wishes to all, even to those who have written me to tell me that they detest any and all music on blogs and will never ever ever visit my blog again!

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norma said...

Well, I don't detest your music, but I do turn it down. Nice classical piano today, just fine with me. I really enjoy following the progress of your art. It's interesting to see how other people's minds work and the finished piece is lovely.

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