Thursday, November 6, 2008

magnolia leaves redux

Yesterday I wrote that I was posting about two new pieces and only got to one. Here is the other piece -- it all started with a run in the park with Sanja (10 months yesterday!) several months ago (when she was tiny).

We came upon some fallen magnolia leaves. They were stunning. I gathered them up, sad that I could only find four (mindful of art's need for odd numbered items). At home, I promptly put them in the scanner. I left space for the fifth (phantom) leaf:

Time for digital play. First nice result:

And then:

Nice, subtle, good for printing to make fabric? Then I played some more:

Ooh, this is fun! I tried printing these on silk, but my printer was not cooperating. Everything came out dull. Time for plan B.

First, I carved a stamp with an interpretation of the magnolia leaves:

Next, I remember some woven leaves I had seen at Target. I found them (not an easy feat), and painted three with diluted acrylic paint.

With a chocolate colored paint, I stamped the magnolia shapes on some cool blue fabric. I sewed that to two sides of my (poorly) printed fabric. Here is the top before the leaves were attached.

I stitched the veins of the leaves, and attached the Target leaves with Misty Fuse. To make the leaves pop, I used #5 perle cotton to create big stitches around them. Final result, Magnolia Leaves Redux:

This has been mounted on plexiglass and is in the show (opening reception is now tomorrow night!). I have since purchased a better printer, so I will be experimenting with printing these images again...

Ta ta for now!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

WOW...Love this piece, especially the chocolate brown on blue and the outlining in perle. Thanks for sharing the is a real treat for a novice.

norma said...

Wow, indeed. This is a stunning piece! I like all of the manipulations that you did with the color. Will there be another quilt?

Vivien said...

Wow, from me too! This is great. I enjoy (and learn from) reading all the steps leading you to your final piece. I love all the different manipulations, too. Can't wait to see what comes next!

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