Thursday, January 22, 2009

the language of winter

Four images today, for the next four days, as I leave in the wee hours tomorrow for a three day glass fusing class in San Diego (lucky I am). Back 'live' on Tuesday!

bridge at Yosemite

I am teaching a course on The Discourse of Politics in which we analyze political language from the perspective of linguistics. Today we examined President Obama's inaugural address, and noted the solemn tone, achieved in part through word images. One of those images was winter.

This little tree was growing out of a huge wall of rock. The next photo is a more distant shot of that stalwart tree (a little right of the center of the picture).

A hearty hike in a snowstorm is good for the soul. Look what you might find:

1 comment:

Vivien said...

Great pics again! I like how you put a sepia tone on the lone tree picture; it seems to suit the photo perfectly.

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