Wednesday, January 28, 2009

more interplay

Note: I have been posting a photo on days I have no textile or glass projects to share. My last textile posting was November 23 (egads --shame on me!) and my last glass posting (other than yesterday) was December 16. Stay tuned for more work (a promise) and intermittent photos when my muse is on hiatus...

Another method we learned in last weekend's fused glass workshop was a form of bas relief using powdered glass. Here is the piece, dammed in the kiln.

Under this frit (powdered glass) is clear glass. To the colored frit I added clear glass in coarse pieces. Since this will be a thin piece, little is added:

Here is the result. I was experimenting with how "stitches" might look (inside the light green center):

I hope to receive yesterday's piece from the glass studio later this week. Film at 11!

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