Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm in the design-musing mode. I want to create a piece based on some kilnformed glass I made a few months ago.

Here is the "pattern bar" from which slices were cut. You can see I stacked up the edge pieces here:

Here is what the edge slice look like:

When I posted this on my blog soon after I first made the piece, someone wrote in saying she read "I SEE IT" in the design. What an astute observation (even though the first E looks kind of like an "S," but we'll call that artistic license).

And so I thought a textile and glass piece based on this design might be a worthwhile enterprise. I placed the edges together:

A nice graphic look, primitive. How about the pattern made by four edge slices?

Okay. Now I want to make some fabric. I can print 17" wide, so I played with the design with that in mind:

So far, I have printed this image on silk, and the colors were dull. More play is called for.

I also want to experiment with thermofax printing, so I created this black and white design for that:

I also will be creating new fused glass pieces with those slices -- these will be incorporated into the textile piece (hope springs eternal). Stay tuned...

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