Saturday, March 7, 2009

sailing on by

My next adventure is rendering the glass face images in fabric. I had digitally colored the photo of the fiber paper form I used to make the glass image, and then printed that on silk.

My first pass at a textile version of her (Silvergirl - as in "sail on, Silvergirl, sail on by" from Bridge Over Troubled Water) was not so swell -- as it was very hard to visualize the defined lines, she ended up lacking her eyebrow and generally appearing like a female version of Flat Stanley.

A do-over was in order. This time, I used two thicknesses of batting (wadding to you Brits) and engaged the services of my high intensity light to better visualize the lines. A much nicer result:

I think Simon and Garfunkel would approve. Her flowey locks are definitely sailing on by, and for my first try at this type of glass-and-textile interplay in face representation, it's a good starting point.

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