Sunday, May 31, 2009

first failure

Since the woodcut version of my inspiration photo captures the contour lines of the rock and sky so elegantly, I decided to put a black and white version of that on my design wall instead of the plain-wrap photo pictured a few days ago.

Studying those contour lines made me want to capture those lines and transfer them to my yet-constructed fabric base. I have two ideas. Both would involve making full sized images of the contour lines only.

Issues: how to capture the lines from the photo/woodcut rendering; number of lines to transfer; weight of lines; color; texture.

First pass:

1) print the contour lines on organza and place the organza over the fabric -- then play (stitch, paint, so on)

2) print the contour lines on the fabric using silkscreens via thermofax images -- then play (stitch, paint, so on)

Okay, you saw the title of this entry. Let's see how my #1 test run went.

First, I desaturated the woodcut print and played around with the filters in Photoshop. After a lot of experimentation, I came up with this image, using the Stamp function:

Then I made a test print, varying the opacity of the stamp, so I could see a) how much the contour lines would show; and b) how much the fabric would show through.

Then, I pinned it to a piece of red silk to see how a) and b) fared:

Hahahahahaha! It was a disaster! All my best laid plans! What was I thinking? Of course the organza would dull anything below it. Duh duh duh.

Next stop, thermofax. This is actually a whole lotta fun.

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