Wednesday, June 3, 2009

photo fabric fun

It's interesting for me to observe myself as I approach this new piece, which yesterday I finally gave the working title "Cathie's piece" -- named after my best friend who took the photo which serves as the inspiration. Tangents abound.

Cathie sent me several pix from the Utah trek she and her husband took. The photo above is from one of them. Here's the original:

My task (should I choose to accept it) was to create a wall piece for Cathie's (and her husband's)entryway and I asked Cathie to give me some shots from their Utah trip to serve as inspiration. Lucky for me, Cathie has an artist's eye.

So, I can use her photos to produce fabric for the piece, printing my digitally altered versions of the pictures, snipping them at the appropriate locales, thus incorporating even more of her work into her piece.

So, how am I going to piece this? I have been a fan of wildly talented artist Valerie S. Goodwin for some time now. Trained as an architect, she translates architectural renderings into textiles. In doing so, she has a version of the rendering printed on cloth, then builds upon that as a 'foundation' for her work. Who prints her renderings?

Enter the fantastic company Send them an image and they print it on fabric - quilting cotton (printable width 42") or upholstery weight cotton (printable width 55").(By the way, they are great -- when you call, you get a real person on the phone, and a really nice knowledgable person at that!)

With this information, I decided I would have my 20" x 40" color image printed the width of the upholstery weight fabric (it was too large for the quilt-weight cotton). I will build Cathie's piece on that base. At this point, I am thinking I might let the base show through at times, particularly where there will be fused glass.

Still's a nice picture of dappled light, just because.

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