Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the body politic

For a mini challenge, I had to make something with the theme 'politics.' The term "the body politic" stuck in my head. Usually, I don't like to put text on my work, but I decided to be untrue to myself and use it on this piece.

"The body politic" is usually a geographic area with a defined government (city, county, special district). Historically, the body politic was the physical sovereign person. In current usage, 'body politic' refers to the gender or ethnic characteristics of a region. (Thank you, Wikipedia and various internet sources.)

Enough of the civics lesson. I used my 'nude stitches' (decidedly female) image to represent the body of a sovereign person (Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany? grin) or "the gender characteristics of a region."

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with it, wrapping the text around her form. The image is printed on a poplin cotton and this is the best color result so far.

Compare the print, above, to the digital image below. Not bad!

Oh, I almost forgot! I finished Cathie's piece tonight, er uh, last night. I've been so excited that I can't sleep, thus this posting in the wee hours. Film at 11.

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