Thursday, July 30, 2009

cathie's piece, on the wall!

Here is Cathie's piece as it might appear as you approach it in my living room (but not in its final resting place in Cathie's entryway!):

Cathie will be lucky if I send the piece to her -- don't you think it looks like it really belongs next to my South Africa quilt?

When I made the digital image to send off to for printing, I created a border in a color I took from the rock image. It is this color that wraps around the frame's borders all 'round, visible if the piece is seen at an angle. A small border of this color sits at the top and the bottom of the piece as well.

Since my minigroups have shared my path in the development of Cathie's piece, and have provided valuable feedback about some crucial design decisions, I will wait to ship this to Cathie in Boston until after my minigroups meet, so I can share it with them.

When a project is completed, my feelings are a mix of joy and loss. Making this piece for Cathie was especially challenging and especially delightful. For the duration, the piece was a part of me. Now, no more, but another project awaits my reacquaintance -- the Willow Tree. Today, more ideas came to me about the background in that work, so I must be ready to roll...


Rayna said...

The piece for Cathie is beautiful, Pam. But - uh - "final resting place?" LOL.
Can't wait to see your next piece of art.

LaughingLG said...

The piece is beautiful. Did you quilt it at all or is it just stretched fabric?

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