Saturday, July 11, 2009

through the lookingglass

Yesterday I was on the campus of California State University Channel Islands (in nearby Camarillo). The university occupies the grounds of a former state mental hospital and the buildings are morphing as funds permit.

I came upon this clandestine scene, visible only through a decorative stucco block wall -- a seemingly endless hallway, graced with fanciful murals, welcoming arches, beckoning one to a safe but mystical adventure. The photo above seems to render the tableau as witnessed by the eye itself.

When I was practicing law in Camarillo, I would sometimes receive phone calls from patients at the mental hospital -- sad conversations, to be sure, where I could listen, but not offer any solutions. I like now knowing that perhaps this little scene may have brought some a respite from their plight

1 comment:

Lora Martin said...

Those hallways and arches are enchanting.

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