Thursday, August 6, 2009

noticings, intriguings

Negative space is intriguing. I am drawn to the black areas in this photo, and as I study them, I spy the hint of other clivia leaves peeking through the dark.

Two projects occupy my art-time. I made a Thermofax screen of my (Frank Lloyd Wrightesque) Willow Tree design and am practicing putting that image on cloth, thinking that it will pump up the background interest in that piece.

As well, another science project is bubbling about. I am about to cut up one of my "Cellular Structures" pieces and repurpose the images... I never liked the color of the surrounding fabric (baby blue -- ick):

Yesterday I wrote to the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Berkeley to ask for permission to use a photograph of a cell structure I found on their website. They kindly wrote back, within hours, and granted me my wish! (Click on the link -- isn't it a grand structure?)

My thoughts are to add some version of this photograph, digitally manipulated and printed on fabric, to my other cellular structure images, which I had obtained from a student when I was teaching at UCLA (read: no copyright issues there). Intriguing possibilities - there's that word again (para. 1). It's good to be intrigued.

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