Monday, November 9, 2009


Typeface has always intrigued me.  Unnaturally so. I remember being upset when Newsweek changed theirs many years ago, and then feeling how silly it was to react in such a fashion. When our local newspaper recently changed its font, it was my Newsweek self all over again.  I guess I am still silly.

In my Visual Design class, our assignment was to research a typeface and design a poster that was artistically suitable to the font -- two colors permitted, one required paragraph, one required single line. I chose a classic symmetrical design and a hue that might hearken to the aged Roman column on which my typeface was first engraved.

It was interesting to see my classmates' choices -- some contemporary, some well-worn typefaces that appealed to their youthful interests. In the telling of the choice, we each revealed something about our own stories.

What would you choose?


Michele said...

Then you'll appreciate this story about IKEA changing the font they've used for the past 50 years.

Oops. I can't leave a url, so just google "IKEA font change"

I 'll take anything sans serif. Don't know why, they just bug me. Unfortunately, most books/newspapers/mags/many websites have them.

Another thing I'll change when I rule the world.

Just kidding

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Thanks! I had read about that, and empathized with the strong fontfeelings, while not agreeing with the debate itself. From what I understand, serifs make smaller font easier to read. Larger font is easier to read sans serif -- this is why we are taught that since PowerPoint slides end up being on a large screen, it is best to use a sans serif font for them. Interesting little studies, these...

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