Monday, December 21, 2009

the best Christmas quilt block I ever made

This block commemorates our tree trimming party, an evening when friends join us for dinner and then help us trim the tree.  The high point (for me, of course), was the placing of the star --which has survived from my childhood -- on the top of the tree.  This was accomplished by my husband hoisting our son up to do the honors.

As time passed,  Nick could reach the tree-top and place the Christmas star on his own, but Noel stood by him as Nick did the honor --  to satisfy my need for the anchors of tradition that mark our time as a family, more than anything.


Under the tree are fabric renditions of what each of us wanted the year I made this block -- Nick asked for a guitar; Noel wanted new skis; and I -- well, I wanted a soccer ball.  Santa fulfilled all our wishes.

Christmas lights are ready to be added to the tree as a final touch.

Tomorrow, the story continues.

1 comment:

Anita in Florida said...

Oh that block is precious...I will tune in tomorrow for more of the story!!

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