Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rudolph & Co.

Only five of Santa's eight tiny reindeer would fit across the Tree Trimming quilt, but Rudolph managed to make the scene, complete with his red bulbous nose!

Hidden in one of the trees below these reindeed is a musical chip that played "Jingle Bells." It was great fun to hoist a child up to press it, and then witness the delight when the music started to play.

This year, finally, the chip lost its juice. A recordable chip should arrive any day from Radio Shack, and I will record something and place it in its hidden home again. Some children are coming over this weekend, hooray!

Every year when I bring out this quilt, I revisit the delight I had in hand quilting it -- no doubt, the reason I took ten years to finish it...

Tomorrow, a sled ride!!! 

1 comment:

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful quilt. I love the idea for putting in a musical chip into the quilt too! Did you use a chip from a greeting card, or have you found another source for musical chips?

Thanks for sharing.


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