Thursday, January 14, 2010

reflections on a year's work

Continuing the exploration of style in my work, I grouped my larger pieces from 2009 for keen examination.

The first attribute that pops out is the use of fused glass. Those elements were the focal points of these pieces -- the clouds, the portraits, the crane.

The portrait piece was a part of a special juried exhibit shown at the Long Beach and Houston International Quilt Shows.  It was the first quilt in an international show to feature large works in fused glass as central elements of the quilt.

The glass pieces served not only as focal points, but were intended to create movement and variety.  Repetition certainly was the dominant principle in the portrait piece -- those faces are all over the place. The large painted image was designed to integrate the separate parts.

The square piece, "Obon Festival, Kyoto Cemetery" was the only piece that did not include glass. Style description? Who knows. Muted colors to reflect the nature of the scene, juxtaposed with brights to provide life.

My style? Hard to say -- usually strong colors, a lot of movement (I hope), and r r r repetition. And for sure, for sure, if you see a substantial piece of fused glass attached to a piece, it's probably one of my babies.

On to 2010 and the luxury of creating.
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