Monday, March 1, 2010

hiatus begone

It is a luxury to be able to immerse oneself in a sole activity, assuming the activity begets pleasure. I have been finishing my "from a traditional quilter emerges an artist" piece, and a few hours ago pushed through the last stitch.  The familiar 'parting is such sweet sorrow' feeling revisits.  

As I am submitting this work to an invitational juried exhibit, I cannot show the front, but I sure can show the back, which, it turns out, is an integral part of the evolution of the piece.  Images in eariler posts have shown the digitally created female form surrounded by photos of traditional blocks - and snippets of some of the stitching --  the reverse side is the actual traditional quilt blocks, with a tiny black border. The quilt has a mustard colored binding:
Controversy abounds over whether a binding is appropriate in art quilts. My two cents' worth is that that question is an art question -- if the line or the image represented by a binding fits the art piece, then objections are unfounded.

The first photo above is a close up of the method I used to attach the traditional back -- it is tied on, old-style. The ties are barely visible on the front, and the thread/yarn color and direction were selected to blend in with the design on the front.

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Lynn Weathers said...

Thank you! I love this idea of attaching a backing to a quilt stitched through just the front and batting. I finished up (maybe) my piece that I had stitched through just the top and batting. I ended up using french knots to attach the back which is oddly similar to your idea. The french knots are visible on my front as a "design element."

I find your work very inspirational. Thanks for sharing it.

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