Saturday, April 17, 2010

new Digital to Textile progress post

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Several thoughts are popping up during the meditative process of quilting. As I gaze at the quilted parallel lines in this piece that represent the metal panels in the Frank Gehry building, I see more clearly the visual link to Paula's photo. (Yippee!) My inspiration was the juxtaposition of curved and parallel lines:

It is thrilling to see my first exercise in working with abstraction come to some sort of fruition, except...well, let me ask this. What do you think of that jagged line of quilting  pictured above? It looks odd, yes?

It's actually part of the structural design of the Gehry masterpiece. In that section of the structure, the metal panels are staggered at marvelous angles. In the building itself, the line is elegant, understated. In my digital rendering, the line is understated as well.  However...

When the line is quilted, it is partly obscured by even monofilament (clear) thread, making it appear that the line was not on the building itself, but was just added as a quilting design element:

Proposed solution: stitch slightly parallel to the line in the image, so the viewer doesn't think that I made up some jagged design of my own to this acclaimed masterpiece. (What tomfoolery that would be!)

Here is an area where I have tried out that approach. Though not clearly visible in the photo, the quilting is parallel to instead of directly on the line in the fabric. Voila, Gehry's magic comes through. The line shows.  Mission (almost) accomplished.

Our group 'reveal' is next week. Excitement mounts!

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