Thursday, June 17, 2010

ending lines

The homelessness piece is finished, and submitted to the exhibit's juror.  It was with some disquiet that I noticed that my work was entry #124. Notice of acceptance/nonacceptance (otherwise known as rejection) will be emailed at the end of the month.

The hand dyed jeans strips frame this photo on three sides, leaving exposed the seemingly unstable curved seam on the right.  The jeans represent the canonical worker clothes in the trades, strong and sturdy. This jeans cloth is secured with a lightweight and therefore fragile thread. The point? Many, I hope. For one, the fragile line between employment and homelessness.   For another, well, what do you see?

1 comment:

Decorative Textiles said...

I enjoyed following your progress on this piece. One can look for a long time and reflect on our lives today. What we take or have taken for granted.

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