Friday, July 30, 2010

best-laid plans

This is part of the image we were given for our current Digital to Textile challenge.  Previous photos have all featured man made items (a Japanese memorial cemetery, a wooden pier, a metal chair, handmade pottery). This time, one of our members provided two photographs of her mother.

I decided to try to capture subject's essence, and am currently working on what I hope will be a portrait-study. As the photo has such a low resolution, my progress has been slow.

My method is one I used in a previous work --presenting my image in multiple media. In my earlier piece, I started with a sketch from a part of a newspaper photo, translated that sketch into a fused glass portrait, and then used that portrait to create another image in fabric:

The fused glass piece and quiltlet were part of an art quilt that had three such portrait duos. Let's hope my best-laid plans for this portrait come to fruition.

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