Sunday, August 15, 2010


...this morning I opened up an email from a friend, who told me to click on this youtube video: I did, and I watched Luana Rubin, the owner of, an online store, talking about her favorite works in the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach.

And..eeee, mine is in her list! It starts at 1:15. I am deeply honored, to put it mildly.

Since I have posted this piece ad nauseum on my blog, I chose to show an in-process photo. The entire piece was created on the computer, combining photos of traditional pieced blocks I made, with a drawing of a nude that I created digitally.

This picture shows the stage where I was exploring how I would present the photos of my traditional blocks.  On the left are the blocks as they appear; on the right, I have lowered the intensity of the colors (by lowering the opacity). I ended up lowering the opacity on both sides.

I send a huge thank you to Glorianne for telling me about this video!
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