Sunday, October 17, 2010


This  fused glass arrangement was just popped into the kiln, and Tuesday evening I will be able to see whether my intentions have come to fruition. This work, all transparent glass, is to be a companion to a silk piece I am working on.

My progress on the textile has been astonishingly slow. I spent many hours dyeing the silk, both chiffon and organza, and more hours stitching the cloth. My goal was Korean pojagi-style piecing, with gorgeous complicated mysterious seams.

What has evolved is what I fondly call "pam-pojagi," a seam that looks like nothing I have found on the web or in books under "pojagi," but a complicated seam, just the same. My seam. But not a pojagi seam.

Our reveal for Digital to Textile is Wednesday night, so I won't share pictures here of my challenge-in-progress. This is a delightful ride.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Very excited and super curious to see your "pam-pojagi" seams!

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