Thursday, December 9, 2010

a good thing redux

Two programs, Veterans First and Furnishing Hope, have again asked artist Jamie Fingal to donate original pieces for new homes for disables and homeless veterans and their families.

Jamie has put together the Welcome Home House Quilt Project, so each new abode has a personalized gift.

My offering this time around features a picture window revealing a large photo of the U.S.S. Constitution hanging above the living room sofa.

As well, a clone of our Sanjagirl sits in the yard with her pine cone, enjoying some newly fallen leaves.

Each piece had to include an American flag, so that makes up the "sky" in the backdrop. In the foreground, a hummingbird takes advantage of the home's feeder.

Yes, Photoshop is my friend!

And as a daughter of a career Navy man, I so enjoyed creating this piece, and am honored to be able to participate in this project.


Barbara said...

dag'gum ... you made me all sniffly with this, lady - well done, my dear

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

I thank you, Barbara, for this kind comment.

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