Wednesday, January 26, 2011

subtle circles

I finished the stitching on my piece for the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) trunk show, and this morning I will drill holes in the fused glass piece for mounting. (Say a little prayer.)

All segments are either silk organza or silk chiffon, all hand dyed by moi. There are three layers of silk. Here is the second layer:

I fused this second layer to a third piece of dyed silk -- it is visible on the folded-down portion:

I positioned the circle shapes so they would show through the top piece...ever so subtly! I have highlighted that area with red lines in this photo. This is a closeup of the far right center portion of the work:

The three layers are stitched together with a clear monofilament thread.

After I drill the holes in the glass, I will go have a mat made -- the opening must show 8"x8".  I'll try to remember to snap a photo of it all gussied up before I ship it off.


Sue Reno said...

Very cool, I love the way you combine the different media.

Gerrie said...

I agree with Sue - nicely done - lovely piece.

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Oh, you like it, you like it, hooray! Thank you for writing. I just drilled the holes in the glass and am happily breathing easily again!

roberta said...

Beautiful piece. I bet the light shines through it wonderfully. I love the sheer layers and the glass and how the fabric refers to the stain glass. Thanks for sharing.

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