Monday, July 18, 2011

design conundrum

I am adding texture to my piece with free motion machine stitching, depressing the solid lines in the figure with thread to make the adjacent areas pop up a tad.

Conundrum -- I intentionally left the registration marks for my sketch in the piece (the primary marks for setting out the relationship of all the figure's moving parts), and the oval I sketched for the head is in the background red-orange.  Stitch it or not?

I was planning on stitching the background in parallel arcs with invisible thread. Hmm, conundrum indeed.


Anonymous said...

Well done! I'm thinking you are the same Pam Price who was in Miss Downing's 4th grade class at Coronado Elementary in 1957? As I recall (assuming it is you) you were much better at kickball than most of us guys, and your family had an an old, beautiful purple-blue Lincoln.

Chip Moeller

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Oh my goodness, Chip! I remember you! Yes, I am that jockette, all grown up! Yes, that Lincoln Continental was my father's pride and joy! What a great memory you have.

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