Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'll mount my SAQA piece on Plexiglas for you! For free!

Today the SAQA auction price for my donation is $250; tomorrow $150, and Saturday $75 (at 2:00 Eastern time).

I would like to mount the piece on Plexiglas for you - the piece sits on top, with a 1 1/2" border on each side, and a wire hanger on back that is not visible from the front. It's a very tidy way to present a piece this size.

So, if you are the nice person who purchases "Convergence," send it to me and I will frame it and ship it back to you with my gratitude and no charge!

This piece is from a series I am working on featuring my photos of Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall, combined with my drawings.

Click here to go straight to the auction page. My piece is in the third row from the bottom.

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