Saturday, November 19, 2011

I like it, I like it not -- more glass stories, and Etsy in my future!

                                                       crop of glass designed to coordinate with piece below
This summer, I made a glass piece that I wasn't too jazzed about. I was surprised when others liked it, so I gave it a second look. Here it is:

                                              I like it, I like it not, I like it

I decided to go ahead and take it down to Patty Gray's class and see what I could do with it. Brilliant! I could make a vase with my not-so-fav-o-rite piece on the inside, and another design on the outside!

As the muses would have it, when I got the newer designed-for-the-outside piece out of the kiln, I didn't like that one, either (a closely cropped peek, top photo).

So, I fused the two together and asked the glass blower to make a rounded vase-bowl with...the newer (top) design on the inside!

I will be driving down to Pacific Art Glass Monday to retrieve all the pieces I made in the class, so stay tuned. One caveat: the store had a power outage during the annealing (cooling) phase, when the pieces are taken down from their top temperature at a very slow rate. For two hours, they tried to maintain the temperature by covering the kilns with fiber blankets. Who knows whether the pieces survived.

I have decided to enter the commercial world and will be selling my work on Etsy! Stay tuned for that, too!

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