Saturday, January 21, 2012

fused glass, designs and desires

My second firing of a new fused glass piece is now ready to be transformed into a 3d work. The photo above is a detail showing the results of my experiment in creating a Japanese calligraphic character with glass paint. The translation is "peaceful." I am full of anticipation about how the piece will look after glass blower Ryan Staub transforms it.
I did two firings of the fused glass, as I was not content with the results of the first version, pictured here (I apologize for having cut off the top of the piece!):

The center section did not seem connected to the rest of the design. I added some elements that I hoped would unify the piece, as well as the calligraphy. Here it is after it came out of the kiln after the second firing:

 Glass is difficult to photograph, and the piece has more light than this photo shows. I placed the calligraphic mark at the lower right, as I was not sure if it would be successful. That part of the glass will most likely be rolled under to form the bottom of the vessel, and will not be visible. 

There should be a nice interplay of transparent and opaque areas. 

I gave Ryan an image of how I would like the piece to be shaped, and he is able to fulfill my wishes, the piece will have a lip, which will show the glass on the reverse side of my piece:

As ever, stay tuned...

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