Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

I have had oodles of activity in my art-brain, but I have not posted about it yet. More to follow on those goings-on.

Meanwhile, I have started on what will be a new fused glass vase, this one to be auctioned off at a Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation fest next month. Ignore the white grid lines in the photograph (though they are sorta nice), as they are just my glass cutting surface showing through the sections of transparent glass.

The piece has many layers, each of which provides more eye-candy (and depth, I hope) -- one layer is clear, with black lines, another layer is blue, white and clear clouds. The glass in the middle row is a heavenly combination of light light blue, cocoa, black and cloudy white, and it does not show well in the photo.

This little lovely should emerge from the kiln on Thursday. Let's hope everything goes well with it!

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