Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fused glass gestalt

                                                  ...can you see the shape of the U.S. in this?

I have been working with some glitzy dichroic glass, a new adventure. The fused glass piece is for another charity auction to benefit the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation, and this time the auction is in...ta da...Las Vegas! The event is a golf tournament held to benefit both the Foundation and the American Cancer Society, thus the out-of-state locale.

                                                                                                         ...beneath the sea ?                                     

Apropos to such a glam site, I have created this piece, to be blown into a vessel, with a combination of the glitzy-glammy dichro and some more serene transparent glass (colored and clear, and some I painted designs on), so the look will not be too...well, gaudy (my impression of the town, though I have not seen it in one-score years).


You must imagine these images greatly expanded -- as they will appear when the glassblower transforms them into vessels. The enterprise is wildly exciting.

 I will be sure to post the "after" images, and we can see, among other things,  if the U.S. image looks like one of those distorting maps that seem to treat geographic entities like so many Gumbies.

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