Thursday, April 19, 2012

a sneak peak and a new kiln and I am spoilt

Here's a little sneak peek/crop of a larger piece that just went into my new kiln!!! Ta da!

I am very spoilt to be able to have this kiln, indeed.

When last seen, the female face (left side of the crop) was full-headed, but I had lost too much of the detail when the image was put on glass with glass paint. So, enter the tile saw. The face-section of the image "read" well, I thought, so I used that section in this new piece. I cut up the remainder of the image and have many cool pieces of glass to use in future projects.

Here is the full image, before meeting the tile saw:

The ability to re-use-re-fuse glass pieces is one of the beauties of working in this medium. Who knows what the future holds for these blue nuggets?

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