Saturday, May 12, 2012

from fused glass panel to glassblown vase

I think "ecstasy" is a good word for my feelings as opened the boxes Seattle glassblower Ryan Staub sent me with the results of his treatment of the fused glass panels I sent him.

I had given Ryan requests for the shape I wanted for each piece,  a description of my aesthetic likes and dislikes, and some photos of previous vessels he had blown for me that knocked my socks off.

This piece has dichroic glass in it, a kind of metallic glass that brings extra sparkle to the mix. Here's a view of this piece that shows some of the dichroic that hovers around the handle:

I am donating this piece to the Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation to be auctioned off at an upcoming charity event in Las Vegas. This one will be very hard to part with, for sure!

Please note: I am sharing these photos with the understanding that these are my designs, and I trust that they will not be misappropriated in any way. Please see the copyright notice in the right hand column of this blog.

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