Saturday, May 5, 2012

fun with fused glass...and the computer

                                                                                         crop of latest piece

I am mesmerized by movement in glass, the sweet swirls that come with using pieces of glass with different colors and designs. I have been experimenting with painting designs on glass and adding pieces of that to commercially available colors and patterns.

By playing with transparency and opacity, a texture can pop out, even though the glass itself is flat. Texture comes in the depths. As these pieces come out of the kiln, the patterns are compact. But through the miracle of digital manipulation, I can get a preview of how the piece will look once it is blown into a vessel:

digitally expanded crop, as it might look when blown

In the center of this photo is a clear piece of glass that I painted with a light turquoise. I used a dried-out brush so the paint would not completely cover the clear. 

Behind that I placed a light green, resulting in a nice little dance between those elements. I am playing with complementary colors here, with a red-orange adjacent to these blue-green hues. A nice little vignette, methinks.

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