Sunday, August 5, 2012

diary of a donation to SCIART

The Studio Channel Islands Gallery (in nearby Camarillo) has a fundraiser next month, and donations must relate to the theme "seeds."

My fused glass offering started with the Chinese characters for "planting seeds." First I found a YouTube video of a calligrapher painting the characters. From a screen capture of a frame, I made a template for the characters, and painted them in green on white opalescent glass:

I wanted to have some abstract representation of "seeds," so I made a section with murrini-type pieces I made in azure blue, clear, black, and amber. I wanted the light to shine through this section of the piece:

I cut my Chinese character white glass a bit off center and inserted the "seeds." After adding a few more details, I fired the piece to fuse it, and then fired it again in a mold that adds a slight arc to the plane
9visible in the first photo, above). Here it is before it went in for the first firing. I added black on each side to 'close' the design:

1 comment:

Glorianne said...

You blow me away! VERY creative!

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