Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finally, Printmaking class!

                                                                   Cycad, Solar Plate Etching

I first started studying printmaking in 2008, but had to abandon that, as making a linocut two months after a previous rotator cuff surgery was impossible. Then, two years ago, I signed up for a solar plate etching class, but, again, I didn't get to take that class, either.

So, finally, I am taking a printmaking class at Santa Barbara City College and learning solar plate etching. Woo hoo! This process, I have read, can be used with art glass, so I am hoping to be able to have another trick up my sleeve in future works.

Meanwhile, I am having a delightful time making these etchings on rag paper the old-fashioned-way. My iPhone camera doesn't capture the nuances of this print -- the blacks in solar plate etching prints are magnificent. And of course, the batteries in both our good cameras are dead at the moment, so this will have to suffice for now.

This image is a crop from a photo I took at Lotusland, a magnificent garden estate in Montecito, near Santa Barbara. Three types of cycads were lined up in such a spectacular fashion, offering a line-and-texture feast for the eyes.

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