Wednesday, October 2, 2013

artist talk this Friday night!

Don't Miss Pamela's
Serial Transformations
by Pamela Price Klebaum

Artist's Talk:   
Friday, October 4 at 6:30pm
Pamela will give a talk about her solo show, "Crossover" and the transformations of her work from one medium to another. 

"An image can morph almost serendipitously as it appears in glass, textile, printmaking and photography,"

"I love to explore the element of line. My work explores how this element transforms when it is expressed in different media."

"I photographed my three-dimensional art vase and digitally created a two-dimensional, abstract design. I printed that design on fiber and stitched it. I scanned detritus from a fallen tree and used those images on glass, in textiles, and in creating solar etchings. In all these works, the medium changes how the image is perceived."

As the process evolves, I often find new ways of seeing the image, and the works evolve in a delightful and unpredictable way."  
On Exhibit:
Through October 5, 2013

At the
700 E. Santa Clara Street, Ventura California 


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