Tuesday, October 29, 2013

post mortem -- photos from my solo show

I have more treasures now, gifts from the experience of sharing my work with the public.

The What Remains wall was the most evocative element. I had struggled with whether to post any text accompanying the art -- some feel that they don't want to be told about the artist's thoughts -- and in the end, decided that I wanted to give the viewers the option to read my words or not (this has been posted before, so you can just scroll down to the photos if you want!)

To my surprise, this wall evoked very sweet and grace-filled conversations with many of the viewers, and one wrote me a letter explaining how it had helped her deal with a recent death.

Here is a little stroll through the exhibit:

The What Remains wall was to the right of the wall pictured above. After that, one wall was dedicated to my work on James and homelessness, below.


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