Sunday, November 24, 2013

focal point rescue

 Crash and shatter are verbs to avoid in a glass workshop. But they were the only appropriate way to describe yesterday's disaster. Glass crashed to the floor, glass shattered.

I did not plan well. Rather than build my 19" square section directly on the kiln shelf (which a smart person would do), I built it on my workbench (which a stupid person would do). Of course it didn't make the transfer to the kiln.

But the focal point, above, did survive intact. Some other part sheets (which I have posted earlier) were salvageable, so all in all, it was a mini-disaster. I rebuilt the piece and made some changes that most likely will result in a better design.
The best thing is that I didn't cut myself. One thing emphasized by all glass teachers is to wear closed-toed shoes. Check, and check.

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