Thursday, January 9, 2014

the commonality of line -- fused glass and textiles

The artist in me grew up making textiles. The basic foundations sometimes transfer to my glass works, the seams sealed in the kiln, the decorative lines now dancing on top like so many stitches.

The first photo is part of a glass commission I just installed -- photos later this week -- I am happy to report that the clients are over the moon about it.

The second photo is a detail of a little improvisational piece I have been put together over the holidays (still in progress), the fringed piece front-and-center a delightfully nubby silk, ooh la la. Red vertical stitching there is hard to see in this photo.

As well, I have been toying with some of last year's photos from the fallen pine trees, to what end, I don't know at this point.This is a close-up of the stump, some little medieval church, it seems, left in the spikey wood (foreground).

Lots of visions dancing around. Lucky me.

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