Wednesday, March 12, 2014

experiments with icebergs

My experiments with expressing "iceberg" in glass continue. I used both opaline (a milky/white/kindaclear color) and cobalt blue powdered glass to build up another uneven layer on the base piece ("before firing") and fired it to a temperature of 1350 degrees. The glossy finish on the raised section was the result...but the "carved" powdered opaline did not come to a full tack (see the cracking in the first photo).

This is a dicey enterprise, as I don't want to get the piece hot enough to melt the iceberg (!) and lose that definition, but it has to get hot enough to fully melt the powder (ice).  Sounds like a global warming problem.

It's back in, now at a higher process (top) temperature, and I am crossing my fingers, limbs, lighting candles, and doing all things hopeful.

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