Wednesday, April 9, 2014

kilnformed icebergs, continued

With the handy working title of Iceberg II, this piece was a bit of a disappointment as it emerged from the kiln...I am not over-the-moon about the bas-relief section -- a bit bland, even though I used several different powder colors (well, if and white and warm white are considered colors-- hmmm...there's the problem).

It is in for another firing now, after I added more "iceberg" to get a more compelling (mehopes) result -- more movement from the mounds of ice, replete with crevasses (I love that word).

                                                                             possible digital design for textile piece

I am taking oodles of photos which I hope to use to translate into designs for complementary textile works to exhibit with these pieces. I have visions of some installation textile pieces -- large swaths of fabric hither and yon -- which I hope will come to fruition.

It's all a delightful trip.

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