Friday, July 4, 2014

the beginnings of a new piece

Greenland Diary entry, June 28, 1951, somewhere between Norfolk, Virginia and Thule, Greenland:

This is certainly a lonely life.  I’d like to be in a Navy where you exercised in the day and came home in the evening for some family life.

My dad's diary has several entries that evoke his sadness that our family was so far away and mail delivery was almost nonexistent. In this piece, I am referencing that feeling of being trapped, in or on the sea --  but that trapping was also beautiful, for the Navy was the career my father loved -- as he loved the sea. 

It was a Hobson's choice.

As well, the work reflects icebergs, and the beauty that inspired his descriptions.

Saw first iceberg at about 0600. It was a beautiful thing in the shape of two pyramids on their sides about 100 feet high and 5-600 long very iceberg looking. It passed about 3000 yards to port June 18, 1951

This piece has been fired twice, and is now ready for coldworking -- polishing the edges and the other side. More posts to follow...

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