Friday, August 1, 2014

installation, check! Opening reception is tomorrow!
                                                                Blackboard Gallery

The long-planned and logistically challenging 35 foot textile installation for the Greenland Diary exhibit is up!

I got to relive my tomboy childhood and scale very tall ladder eight times to loop the fishing line over a bank of lights, thrilling beyond description.

The installation is composed of two layers:

(1) a top layer of 12" wide tulle. I printed images from the Greenland expedition (ships cavorting with icebergs) on silk organza and used Misty Fuse to attach them to the tulle. I also printed pages from my dad's diary-- recounting the voyage -- on silk organza, as well as typed transcripts of those pages. All the art in the exhibit was inspired by these words.

(2) a bottom layer of a white white polyester, upon which I placed the tulle. It is attached at 2 foot intervals with strips of clear double sided archival conservation tape.

The two layers rest on clear square rods of lucite. On top of each rod is a strip of the clear double sided tape to secure the textiles to it.  Fishing line runs through holes on each end and is looped over a long lighting fixture about 100 (well, maybe 20) feet above the floor.

So, the show will go on.

Blackboard Gallery
2222 Ventura Road
Camarillo, California 93010
August 2-30


Linda A. Miller said...

Looks wonderful!

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

Thanks so much, Linda. It sounds like your class in Oxnard went well!

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