Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ebony, the blues, and glass art

Ebony Blaze, a fabulous blues singer, is giving a concert this Thursday (the 25th) at Studio Channel Islands Art Center.

She asked me to make some new works (in blue[s], of course) for the reception that will be held that night at the art center.

The first piece (first two photos) is Ebony Blue Crescendo, inspired by the power of Ebony's voice and her ability to convey at once strength and vulnerability.

The second piece, Ebony Blue Notes, is an homage (of sorts) to the music staff itself, and the original works Ebony will be performing.

A third piece is in the kiln and I am hoping it will be finished in time for the concert. All works are mounted on Italian marble -- ebony black, of course.

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