Tuesday, August 5, 2008

language oddities

"Multi media" gets a bad rap. It conjures up visions of glue laden gatherings of photos, clock faces and wrinkled wedding announcements. Some are applying this term to art quilts. Eew. As the art quilt world heads towards what psychologists call "attachment theory" (burn it, or fuse it, or paint it, or all of these, then attach it), we need to come up with a new label for what we do. Just plain art, yes. Fusion art? Let's revisit the continuing life of my digital image from the last post, "nude stitches," and see how that moniker plays out.

So, people wanted to buy prints of "nude stitches," and wall hangings of "nude stitches," so what next? Of course! Fused glass.

So, what if I made the image in glass? In green?

Well, this was fun. How about if I made it in glass and copper?

Okay, how about another one?

Now I was intrigued. But, just as in my Digital Imaging class, I had to find a way to incorporate this medium into art quilts.

Aha! See the holes in the fused glass pieces? You guessed it, I could attach those ladies to fabric!

And so was born my first piece that incorporated fused glass into an art quilt.

And now may I introduce to you "nude stitches fiber glass*"!

...tune in later for this most interesting travelogue...

*blame the lower case affectation to a brief love affair with the poetry of e.e. cummings in my college years...


Lora Martin said...

I really like the combination of the glass and fabric, especially with the nudes as subject. Great play of textures.

Anonymous said...

Your "...okay, I jumped in, and here is my blog address..." comment in the Quiltart Digest made smile, thank you for that!
AND your nudes are wonderful! Can't wait to see more!

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