Wednesday, August 6, 2008

more transformations

...continuing on with the seemingly never ending life of "nude stitches" ---

Sharing my first fused glass textile piece with compatriots gave me several Sally Field moments --"You like me (my piece), you reeeally reeally like me (my piece)!" This gave me license to explore fused glass and fiber art further, and I made the red glass piece shown above. Of course, I had to attach her to fiber... thus was born

Here is how I constructed these two art quilt cum fused glass pieces (see also the last photo in the August 5 entry): I printed the image on silk, sewed those images into a design, leaving space for the glass.

I placed batting under the fabric piece and quilted (note to self: practice this more). Then I gallery wrapped the fabric onto a canvas-wrapped deep frame, and used staples to secure the fabric. I attached the fused glass with fishing line, reinforcing the back with little pieces of batting where I tied the fishing line. Then I attached the hanging wire on the inside of the wood.

Phew. Now both pieces were ready for sale. More Sally Fields moments! They were in an exhibit at the VIVA Gallery last year and they sold! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

"Nude stitches" underwent yet another interpretation in glass. I donated that piece to the One Foot Square Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) auction, which will be held online in November. (Click on "One Foot Square Auction 2008") Here it is:

You can gaze at some pretty impressive pieces at the SAQA One Foot Square auction link.

Okay, my next experiment with fused glass leaves our naked lady and moves into the nether regions in my front yard, next to the pond.

...more to come...

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