Thursday, April 9, 2009

at last

It's signed, sealed and about to be delivered!!! And I am free to talk about it! My piece "Uncommon Edges" will be in the "Edges" special exhibit at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival July 24-26 (title "Uncommon Edges" because of the inclusion of three glass portraits with glass 'edges,' uncommon in fiber art).

In many cases, shows prohibit the sharing of work which is to be displayed for the first time at their venue. But in the case of this special exhibit, we are encouraged to get the word out. So, come on down! There is a preview night on July 23. As usual, the festival begins with classes starting on July 22.

I started blogging about this piece on February 17 (for the curious, click on "2009" in the blog archive to the right and take a trip down memory lane). Three female figures are represented in fabric and glass. Here's a taste of the evolution of one image.

Here's my sketch:

Here is my rendering of her (Savannah -- they all have names) in fiber paper. This material is used to make the bas relief image of Savannah in glass:

And here is the glass portrait:

I digitally colored the image of the fiber paper and printed it on silk. Here is the "quiltlet" I made from that print:

This process was followed for all three portraits. See previous blogs for a catalogue of all the challenges!

Here is a picture of one stage, when I was developing the overall image. The finished piece is three feet by four feet:

Anyway, I am thrilled to be able to share this now.

So, now, click on this link to hear my new favorite song!


TextileTraveler said...

Your work is absolutely amazing! Thanks for a wonderful tour through your blog posts and photos. How did you manage to attach the glass to fabric?

ann said...

FABULOUS! Love your sketches. The whole piece of art is very
well designed and executed. Thanks for the glass tutorial. However, I really do not understand how you made the glass. Did you use a kiln. This intrigues me a lot. I'm wondering about making some art glass pieces for little inset tiles in my new shower which was started in 2003.

norma said...

Beautiful work! I enjoyed your trip through the process.

Lora Martin said...

Another fabulous work! Looking foreward to seeing it in person.

Linda Laird said...

Dear Pamela,
What a beautiful piece! The combination of glass and fabric blows me away.
Thanks also for the desert pictures. I loved the red glass spikes, like ocotillo flowers amid the cactus and brush. And I could see the Star Wars figures in the Art Deco panels at the Biltmore.

Keep up the good work! Linda Laird

Diane said...

I really enjoyed watching this piece take shape. Great job!

cat in tassie said...

What an amazing piece, Pamela. Thanks for sharing your process. If this is a taste of the Uncommon Edges exhibit, it will be an outstanding success! Pity I won't be able to see it.

Karen said...

Absolutely incredible in person, can't wait to see it hanging in Long Beach. You are breaking into new territory here!

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